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Tori & Adrian wedding film

About the Couple

Venue – Chilston Park Hotel

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
To always remember it, see a short film of our special day as something like this will never happen again! (hopefully)  To also see moments we may have missed- looks, feelings etc!

Why did you pick us for your wedding videography?
You are the best- you film it like a production-you put the story into it- make the video clearly depict the couple and tell the story! You shoot it like a romantic film- perfect for the couple- sometimes cheesy when it suits, but sometimes fun! Always freels like you really ‘get’ the couple

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc
I work in TV and Adrian is a scientist who has left the corporate world to set up his own drinks business! Yikes! I love musicals and all things theatre! Trained actor and voiceover artisit and Adrian loves rugby, and cycling!!
We both are incredibly social and have lots of friends we love! We love travelling (classic!) and India! Our wedding is hopefully going to show us off as a couple! Fun and up for a laugh! it will be a merge of musical and science!!

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
So.. where do I begin?? I thought we were having a weekend for the 4 of us (my sister, bro in law and Adrian)- going to the ivy and a weekend of yolo before my sister went to move to NYC! I got my hair done, nails etc! Went to meet them in some fancy bar before the ivy- got a text where to go- got to Gautier- had to ring the door bell(super posh!) I got in explaining my sister was in there somewhere- had to put my shoes on as obvs didn’t wear heels to totter through soho! The posh man took my bags etc and told met o walk through a door- (I thought it was weird me opening my own door in such a posh place) walked into a wine cellar and there was Adrian, all smart with a table set for 2 (private room) with a big grin and some flowers! My first thought was (WTF?!) and I said where is Emma and James (not wanting to get too excited!!) then he said they werent joining us- he came round and got down on one knee- said some lovely stuff but I cant even remember as I was in such a state of shock! He opened the ring box- it had a light in so the ring pinged (like in 42nd st) and i was shaking! I needed to sit down!! I got cross that I had no idea!!!! We then called our faves and said we would come to my parents house to celebrate after our food – obvs had no appetite but had to eat this fancy food! Adrian said we had a cab round the corner (must be a limo I thought as why would it be collecting us from round the corner and not outside) we walked round- got a stranger to take a photo, then walked round and to my left was a cafe then suddenly i hear screams and my whole family running towards me from this cafe!!! I started to cry! A surprise engagement party! INCredIBLE!! we called everyone, got a bit drunk etc! got home and he laid out petals! So amazing! Then the next day he had organised a family brunch at a rest on the high street and a pre engagement party with all of our friends!! literally the most incredible weekend ever!! boy did good! Oh and did I mention this is the most perfect ring ever?!

So, Chilston Park in Kent? … Why this place above anywhere else?
It looks like the sound of music house! 🙂 Plus everyone can stay on site- is a hotel but doesnt look like a crappy hotel!

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
FUN, happy, laughter, special, memorable, felt looked after etc etc!

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