Zinah & Ryan


About the Couple

Venue – Villa Eva

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
– We want to capture Memories of the entire day. From the key events e.g reception,  speeches to our family and friends laughs and smiles.
– Relive the wedding through the video.
– Capture atmosphere of the wedding, including surroundings.
– fun, beautiful, romantic, inclusive wedding video (of family/friends)

Why did you pick Mills Films to do your wedding videography?
– We came across you via a friend from a Facebook post of their wedding which we really liked.
– This led to a thorough look around your website/work and advice.
– We thought that your style was ideal to what we want to portray for our wedding, both fun, professional, and capturing guests and intimate moments.
– This led to a few email exchanges and calls which after we felt assured to move forward with you.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc
– We’ve been together for 5 amazing years. Ryan, 29, works in the city in tech, and Zinah, 28 is a medic. Culturally, we are British however we both have a mix of south Asian heritage which will for sure on show on our wedding day. We both live in London.
– How we spend our days apart from being busy working, is spending and cherishing time with each other, and family and friends – this answers what’s important in life to us also – family, friends, time with them and each other. We enjoy venturing around the place be it abroad or around London enjoying the city life, hence the abroad wedding. We are generally fun, positive, welcoming guys full of energy!

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
– 1/1/17 ryan put a ring on it. It was New Year’s Eve 2016, on the way to London to a surprise location. Ryan organised to watch the New Years fireworks. We started the nights with a surprise dinner in the shard. With 10 minutes to the new year the waitress handed Zinah a card to a room with a private viewing of the fireworks. Running against the clock ryan led her to a room in a hotel within the shard. And on opening the door  there was an amazing view of the fireworks over London in a room he spent decorating the day before… Zinah still with no clue, Ryan got down on one knee and asked the question!

The Venue/s? … Why this place above anywhere else?
Amalfi Coast, Ravello
– Zinah visited the town of Ravello first and passed a gate (which led to Villa Eva – reception location) and she peaked inside and could see rose petals leading the way up the path & realised there must be a wedding there and the thought crossed her mind that it would be a beautiful place to get married. After the proposal, we decided to pay the area a visit with the view to plan a wedding there… and here we are!
– We found Ravello to be a stunning town, which is unbelievably intimate  and romantic with beyond gorgeous views.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
– We’re planning our wedding with the idea of wanting our guests to experience something special, feel included, cared for, and have so much fun… a holiday vibe :)!
– Our guests are coming from all over the world, and are various ages. We are planning to have a smallish personal guests list 50 to 70.

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