Susie & Joe


About the Couple

Venue – Curradine Barns

Photographer – Katie Ingram

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?

We love looking back and remembering special memories. I find that photos can sometimes be stuck in a book or on a phone and not looked at, whereas a video is a fun experience to get out and watch on anniversaries, family gatherings etc. Another reason is that I just have a terrible memory (whereas Joe has a great one!) and I don’t want to forget any of the details!

Why did you pick us as your wedding videographers?

I love the idea of a husband and wife team, and you guys looked awesome and the videos on your website are beautiful. In particular you were super helpful regarding my requests about blending in on the day and it helps that I know you have worked with our photographer before so you will all be able to work well together!

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc

We both spend a lot of time at work and work away during the week which is a shame! At the weekends we try and keep up with all of our friends and family which is a mad rush!  We have friends in Manchester, London, Worcester, Holland, Australia and New Zealand… so it’s not easy!  Family is really important to us and we’re both very close to our parents and siblings. I have one sister and Joe has three brothers and a lot of them have children. We love spending time with our beautiful nieces Eila and Nancy  (flower girls) and our super cute nephews Peter and Samuel (page boys) as well as getting to know our brand new nephews, Ryan and Joshua!

In terms of hobbies we love travelling, snowboarding, going to music festivals, gigs, stand up comedy and playing and watching sports! (West Brom are playing on the wedding day so we will need to have access to the score somewhere!)

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)

We were on a snowboarding holiday in Val D’Isere at the side of the piste ‘Fontaine Froide’ and we were having a small picnic in a private spot. Joe said he had a surprise dessert and made me close my eyes… I told him I knew it was a cream egg (because I had been asking for one all day)… but when I opened my eyes it was a ring! After drinking the bottle of champagne he had stowed away, we headed down the mountain. By then the ski lifts were closed, so we had some challenges getting home, but it was all part of the adventure of the day!

So, Curradine Barns? … Why this place above anywhere else?

We wanted somewhere pretty, romantic, relaxed, in the countryside and in Worcestershire where we met and live – a barn seemed perfect and Curradine hit the brief on all accounts! We love the rustic barn feel and felt like we could really add our personality to a wedding at Curradine through DIY stationary and signage.  We also want to decorate the venue with some beautiful mistletoe and ivy from Joe’s mum’s garden. Hops from a local farm are a must!

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

The most important thing for us is to just have a fun day with our family and friends and also do things our way. I am Jewish, so we wanted to bring some traditions from my background to the day. This will include the ‘smashing of a glass’ after the ceremony and The Hora dance and Hava Nagila (Israeli folk music and dancing). This will include the traditional bride and groom chair lift instead of a first dance.

We also love games. (We always do fun / weird activities – most of our first dates were games of laser tag, ‘Zombie runs’, card games, board games, ghost hunts…. etc… ) so I will definitely try to make some games for guests… Some noughts and crosses, ring throw and tin knock em down! And we will also encourage fun active interaction from our guests including a retro photobooth and a Ceilidh band set.

As we also love music, we will also have a great band playing after the folk band with some more popular music. This should hopefully be a great end to a great day.

For more idea of the day, and also some insight into the bridesmaids and grooms party – please check out our website –

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