Fran & Tom


About the Couple

Venue – Iscoyd Park

Photographer – Katie Ingram

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
Because we think it is going to be one of the most amazing days of our lives and want to be able to re-live it time and time again. I also want to be able to see family and friends enjoying the day as we will miss these moments.

Why did you pick Mills Films to do your wedding videography?
I know Sarah through my friend Sally and I always wanted you guys to do our video. I absolutely LOVE what you do especially with all the drones it’s amazing, you also seem to capture all the little details! I also love the thought of having someone who I’m comfortable with filming as let’s be honest it is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but I love that fact that Sarah will be there and I can totally be myself 🙂

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc
Ok this is a bit embarrassing isn’t it…….:) we just LOVE being with each other, we have known each other since we were 14 and honestly became the best of friends, I know every couple says that but we truly are. We are known for loving our “IPad and snuggle” time. I think we are both always up for a laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously at all. I’m 100% the bossy one and Tom is extremely laid back….he calls me Fran the Plan! I’m very very emotive (god knows how I will get through our wedding day) where as Tom is very level headed so we strike a good balance! We are both in sales, Tom works for Compass Group and I do Legal recruitment so we both like to talk….a lot! I would say we both like to be the center of attention so I imagine we are going to love our wedding day, Tom keeps asking me if he can walk down the aisle as he wants everyone looking at him, typical!
We are both real family people, family is so so incredibly important and we love nothing more that spending time with both our families, especially my mum as she provides “Prosecco Fridays”. We both love seeing friends in London or at home and it’s perfect because we went to the same school together so all our friends are the same which means we can all socialize together and know everyone really well which is so lovely. We are both a little bit obsessed with the Cotswolds so quite often head to Broadway or Daylesford in Kingham when we have some downtime. We also have an amazing group of friends who are living in Worcester so love going on nights out with them or for meals, we are both massive home birds so its quite nice to have our little Worcester group as loads of our school friends are now in London. Luckily we both strive for the same things in life and defiantly have the same goals and aspirations for our future.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
So the proposal was in Salcombe in Devon, the reason he chose Salcombe is it is my FAVORITE place in the entire world. I have been going there with my family since I was 2yrs old and all my most treasured and special memories are there. As I have got older we have started going on trips with groups of friends and continued to make these amazing memories it really and truly is our happy place. We went the weekend after my 29th birthday which has become a bit of a tradition now…We woke up the morning of and Tom suggested a walk on the beach with some champagne but then we opened the curtains and it was pissing it down! We went for some breakfast to let the weather settle and then set off on a walk to South Sands hotel and beach. Tom picked this as it really holds a lot of special memories for me and my family. Once we were on the beach Tom walked me to the water’s edge and then said “I have brought you here for a reason and not just Salcombe but to the beach….he then turned to me and got down on one knee….this was followed by a very long silence as he was crying (if you know Tom he never ever cries….we actually joke that he is physically unable to cry!) then he said “you make me such a better man, I love you and your family and was wondering if you would marry me!” I was then in floods of tears, checked the ring was not THE ring as I’m an absolute control freak and wanted to pick my own and then we spent the next hour and a half stood in the pouring, freezing rain calling all our family and friends to tell them the amazing news!! Every time i think of that day I well up with happiness it really was the greatest moment in my life so far.

The Venue/s? … Why this place above anywhere else?
Iscoyd Park – What can we say….it was a bit like buying a house as soon as we walked in we just knew it was “the one” We have taken both sets of parents to see the venue and they have all said it is “so Tom and Fran.” For us it didn’t matter where the wedding was as long as it had the right feel. We wanted somewhere grand but not pretentious, where we felt so incredibly comfortable, where it was both lavish but also down to earth. We are both quite traditional people so wanted something very traditional with a modern slant. I’m also obsessed with interior design and have totally fallen in love with all the rooms at Iscoyd, I could totally live there!  Iscoyd was just right from the moment we stepped in….o and have I mentioned Jen the wedding planner?! I’m a little bit obsessed with her, she is probably the nicest person I have ever met!

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
I think our friends would describe both of us as “up for a laugh” and we bloody love a good party… the last wedding we were both on the dance floor twerking together so we definitely want this reflected in our wedding just a really fun, party, care free vibe. We just want a room filled with love, so so much love and fun and laughter. We both know we would be nothing without our friends and family and they really are our world and we want them to just be there to share this amazing day!!

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