Fine Wade & Simon Cotton

About the Couple

I think having a film to re live and remember the beautiful memories of such a special day is really important.

we loved your style of naturalistic filming, capturing beautiful stolen shot moments

we are both Actors but it’s important to us that our most natural and relaxed real moments are captured on our wedding, moments between us or with family and friends. What’s most important to us in life is our families our loved ones our friends and being together.

Too long to write down lol but was incredibly romantic and thoughtful Simon is a really beautiful person very romantic and every detail of his proposal was so beautifully thought through. Candles flowers intimate moments a trail of clues:) Also moments with just us then he included my mum and some of my best friends then followed by Paris afterwards it was amazing.

Euridge Manor is so stunning it’s beautiful and enchanting and I think everyone will enjoy the weekend. We both wanted somewhere that wasn’t a conveyer belt of endless weddings but somewhere romantic & intimate and somewhere different and this place was perfect. It just felt like it was very us and we both fell in love with it as soon as we saw it.

We want our guests to have a wonderful happy day to feel love and happiness and fun in sharing our special day. We believe it’s two souls coming together and becoming a beautiful union with one another and we want everyone to feel that essence.