Zoya & JP


About the Couple

Venue – Lulworth Castle

Photographer – One Thousand Words

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
We want to capture emotion, joy and fun of the day. We had our first wedding in Ukraine captured on video (https://vimeo.com/196968994) and it has been one of the most tremendously fun, emotional days to relive and that is why we would like a video of our day, given that this is also the official wedding. We have been planning this wedding for about 18 months and a lot of effort has gone into the little details like the seating plan, the surprise pirate blessing ceremony (the guests don;t know about this!), the exciting wedding reception with a bouncy castle. It is a gorgeous location, we love the coast and the castle is an exceptional place. We would like to come there years from our wedding day and know that we have owned this place for a day that will go down in collective history with our friends and family.

Why did you pick us for the videography?
Primarily because each of your videos have a different shape and feel and none feel very alike. We would like a video that reflects us: fun, a bit crazy, madly in love and excited to have a lot of fun on our wedding day. We also love the drone, as capturing the castle in all its glory would be an incredible addition to the video. Your videos also did not come across as too sappy. We are a romantic couple, but we also do not want a video that is too lovey-dovey. We want the fun, the crazy and the mad bits of our wedding captured, because that is exactly how our relationship is like.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc
Quite a lot of our spare time we spend with our friends and by organising fun events like pirate pub-crawls, halloween parties, themed parties, dinner parties…etc etc..We love getting everyone together to have lots of fun and crazy experiences and this is our biggest project yet! We love our dog, Rum, the chow chow and he is the ring-bearer at our wedding. Life is about friends and family, love and laughter and our wonderful pooch. When we are not organising fun things to do, we spend our time in the garden, or walking on the coast or a favourite park. We love travelling, reading in pubs with our dog snoring nearby and all the simple pleasures in life that come with that. We both work full-time but have part-time interests. JP Is a published writer and we both read a lot. Zoya photographs in her spare time. We more outdoors people. It’s more important to spend time together or with friends and family.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
So we are in Montenegro, in the beautiful Kotor Bay and it is our second day there. (4 September) We planned to go to one of the fine seafood restaurants on the water. We spent the day on the beach and whilst JP was getting progressively more nervous, Zoya was blithely unaware as she was totally into the sea, sand and prospect of food later. At one point Zoya even suggested spending a bit longer on the beach and forego washing her hair and JP insisted on going back on time to make sure we were both suitably attired for dinner. Anyway, we go back to our apartment, change for the evening and head out, all this time JP is making sure Zoya is wearing the best dress and looks fab and she is still totally oblivious. We arrive to the restaurant and are shown to a table for two right on the edge of the water, the lights of the Bay all around us and it was simply magical. We had a lovely dinner and after a trip to the ladies, Zoya comes back to bubbly on the table. Now this is the funny bit. Zoya flops into her chair, slumps and laughs. JP asks: what’s that you’e giggling about and Zoya says: well, i had this random feeling of nervousness all evening and I just need to tell myself to relax as (wait for it!) it’s not like anything is going to happen this evening!…At this point, JP basically gets down on one knee….Sooo, that’s how we got engaged.

So, Lulworth Castle in Dorset? … Why this place above anywhere else?
The castle is simply beautiful, dog-friendly and on the coast. It’s also not stuffy and full of green carpet and random wall paintings like most castles are. We do not have hundreds of guests and it feels so intimate.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
A day full of adventure, fun, madness and wonder! We want them to love the small details and the big surprises. More importantly, we want everyone to have fun celebrating this day with us.

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