Jessica & Steven

About the Couple

Venue – Peckforton Castle in Cheshire

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
I would like to capture our wedding day to be able to relive the day oer and over i think a video is so important for future generations to see us get married.

Why did you pick us?
i saw a video you put together for a couple and i felt so emotional i knew you was the right videographer.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc
We have 2 beautiful children, spending time with them having family days is something we treaure.
we love holidays with (& without) our children & genuinely making family memories.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
Steve woke me up at 4am one morning, had my bags packed and my passport ready.
didnt tell me where we was going until we got to the gate ( i didnt even know we waas goign to an airpot till we got there)
we landed in amsterdam, he took me to love lock bridge and asked me to be “a lambert forever”

Best day of my life (after having childlren) x

The Venue/s? … Why this place above anywhere else?
Peckforton Castle,

Valtines 2014, i had booked for Steve & I to have an experience day!
steve isnt very good at surpises, so he kept asking me “where are we going” i said stop asking!!
then he saidokay what area!
… i didnt have a clue (being from Essex)
so when i looked into where we was going.. silly me didnt realise that the venue was 4 hours away!!
The range rover xperience was boked at 10am!!
so up at 5am we was!
when we actually got to peckforton castle, my god we was blown away, I joked and said “when we get married” this is where we will get married.
never in a million years did i think we would be really getting married here
4 years later… here we are!!!
we didnt even look anywhere else as we have fallen totally in love with the castle have visited it like 5/6 times.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
Our day is going to be slightly different, we have no cheesy love songs, Only uplifting beach, vocal, summer sax. feel good, love house music played throughout the whole day.
I want peoples feet to be tapping all day with a big smile on their faces watching me and steve tie the knot!
(obviously the ceremony will be different, we have traditional marriage music through that)
Our first dance is an old fashion house song and we want be to be uplifted all day no boring micheal buble or ed sheeran!!
I want people to look back and think that day was so much FUN!!!

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