Ellie & Danny


About the Couple

Venue – The Lost Orangery

Photographer – Ollie McGivern

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
We would love to capture the beauty of the wedding venue, countryside views, us as a couple, images of all our friends and family and the atmosphere of the day. We love that we will be able to watch our wedding from a different perspective and see

Why did you pick us?
We’ve watched all your videos and love your style, quality of filming and the cinematic shots. We love that you offer Ariel footage and that your films feel real and intimate without coming across as cheesy. Danny isn’t a massive fan of PDA so we’ve struggled to find a videographer that he feels he will be comfortable with. We love that you guys work together as a team and you’ve got great reviews! We really look forward to having you be part of our wedding day!

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc
Danny works in Technology sales within the Travel sector. He’s a keen Sportsman and loves Hockey, Golf and Squash. I work in Events Management and love the outdoors, netball and scuba diving (we’re hoping to do lots of this on the honeymoon). We met 9 years ago at Uni in Newcastle and dated briefly before we graduated and went our separate ways. Fast forward three years, we are both living in London seeing each other and numerous parties… we attend a New Year’s Eve party (he’s dressed as David Cameron and I’m dressed as Amy Winehouse) and I declare my undying love for him in the middle of the kitchen…! It took 3 months but we got back together on 1st April 2012! 5 years later to the Day Danny proposed.

Danny and I are both very easy going people. We love good food and our ideal Friday night is spent on the sofa eating steak with a good Netflix series. We both have large friendships groups (with lots of cross over as most of our friends we both went to uni with). We love to travel (planning on going to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize on honeymoon). Both Danny and I are fairly level headed and grounded, we are both really driven and work really hard to afford the luxury of travel and living in London. We have very similar values and often see things in the same light. Above all he is my best friend and I love sharing my life with him.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
Our friends and family always say ‘you must have seen it coming’, as it was our 5 year anniversary, but I honestly had no idea! We had both decided to go away for a special weekend and as I’ve been dying to go for months I booked The Pig (in Combe). I thought as a special treat i’d also book us into the restaurant and for full body massages in their potting sheds (best massage ever by the way). On the Saturday morning we woke up, I gave Danny an anniversary card and he looked at me blankly and said he’d totally forgotten to get me one. Instead he made me a frothy coffee and made the milk foam into a heart shape… which I laughed at. On discussing plans for the day I suggested we drive to Lyme Regis, eat some fish and chips and take a walk along the beach… again all my idea… hence why I didn’t see it coming. On the walk along the beach Danny suggested we walk up to the view point, which we did. His plan was that I would take a picture of the view and when I turned around he’d be on one knee… unfortunately I was being difficult and I told him I didn’t want to take a photo… so instead he called me over to the bench and said, ‘you know how I didn’t get you a card, well I got you something else’… at this point he was on one knee with something held tight in his hand… and then he asked me to marry him. I kept saying ‘Oh my god, oh my god’, but somewhere in there I said YES. It was a very surreal moment!

The Venue/s? … Why this place above anywhere else?
The venue is across the valley from my mum’s village. We’ve walked passed it on numerous family walks and I’ve always said how much I’d love to live there. It’s also absolutely stunning  and is owned by John Robinson (the owner of clothes brand Jigsaw).

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
Fun, relaxed, we want to create special memories with all our favourite people.

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