Emma & Alex

About the Couple

We want to have a lasting memory of the day, the speeches and the ceremony that we can look back on and remember in the future. We have been told the day can be a whirlwind so it will be great to re-watch the special moments from our day!

We were recommended to you by another supplier and liked the natural but artistic look of your videos. As we are getting married in a warehouse venue, we thought you would be able to capture the amazing venue and the highlights of our day.

We met 12 years ago  at Manchester University living in the same halls…although we didn’t really warm to each other at first…we soon became best friends and here we are 12 years later get married on our anniversary (well one day before as the 19th was a Sunday). We now live in Greenwich with our British Shorthair cat Talulah Versace (see box below). I am a finance lawyer and reluctantly spends a lot of her days in the office. Alex (aka Woody) is an adviser for corporate acquisitions in the technology space. When not working, we spend time going to HIIT classes, hosting our friends for dinner parties and bbqs which often get out of hand and trying to see the world, whether it be travelling, diving or skiing.

We got engaged on Chirstmas Day 2018…despite being quite hungover from Christmas Eve, I woke up early and insisted on wanting to open presents but was told that I had to wait…I poured myself a bucks fizz (to take the edge of the hangover) and was later given the go ahead to open the presents. We got to the last present and it was one of Woody’s ties which he told me to put around my eyes. He then played our song (Hear you me by Jimmy Eat World…also to be our first dance) and asked me to follow some signs through our flat which spelled out “Will you marry him”…at the last one I turned the corner and he was holding a tiny lilac British shorthair kitten (the type I had always wanted) who had a ribbon round her neck with the ring. I screamed…scared the kitten…the ring fell on the floor…and I don’t think I even ever said yes as I was so overjoyed by our new pet. Much to say that Talulah Versace (the second name being a long story…) has become a huge part of our life and very much keeps Woody company when I am at work.

The venue is a converted warehouse in Manchester. We thought Manchester was a good location as that’s where we met and would get people out of London for the weekend. We didn’t want a conventional wedding venue and our goal is to hold a huge party for our guests…this venue gave us the blank canvas we wanted but also came prepared with planning abilities to pull off the party we want.

A great party which is in tune with each of our personalities…Woody is big into his music and has found a band and DJ for the evening…we took a trip to France to ensure that we have amazing wine which was selected by us and instead of a cake we will be having a stack of cheese…we are sticking to an element of convention but with our own spin on some of the traditions.