Selecting Your Wedding Videographer

Searching for the right wedding videographer is the best thing you can do. The average highlights section produced in our wedding videography package is four to five minutes long. That’s roughly two hundred and seventy seconds. They say a picture tells a thousand words, well in our highlights films there are twenty five pictures in every second, that adds up to over six and a half million words!

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The photographer at your wedding will capture incredible moments that look beautiful, and you may even frame a few and put them in your home. But how often will you sit down and look through your photo album? Our event videography can sum up your wedding in the style that suits your day in five minutes or less, giving you the opportunity to share an amazing wedding day with friends and family. It gives you the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the emotions of your marriage, and truly portrait the little phrases and moments that cannot be captured by still photography.

Wedding videography has a pretty bad rep, but in reality in captures the very best of what a wedding has to offer! What once was a guy in everyone’s way, with bulky equipment and lights everywhere has become mobile, agile and hidden in the background. We create stunning and timeless pieces, and it might just be the best wedding investment you can make.

Book Your Videographer Early

In times gone by couples would organise every factor of their wedding day and if there was anything left over in the budget they’d enquire about videography, but now times are changing. We are getting booked up further and further in advance because couples are starting to realise the importance of capturing their day. A recent article in Brides magazine found that the single biggest regret couples had about their wedding was that they did not have a videographer.

The last few years has brought more changes to the wedding film industry than anyone had thought possible. We now use cameras that can fit into the palm of your hand, out microphones are nigh on invisible and we can capture stunning aerial shots of you and your venue. Using gimbal technology we can follow moments of your wedding and have smooth panning shots, and video that was once poorly edited is now edited and colour graded as professionally as many films that are produced for the big screen. New technology has made it possible to turn your wedding into a film worthy of the cinema.

Your Wedding Day, Your Way

Whatever happens, you are going to have the best day of your life. You will have been told this, but the day will fly by, and wouldn’t you want to relive this day that you have spent months and years planning? Wedding videography can provide you the facility for you to relive this day over and over again.

My advice is get a wedding videographer. It may not be us, but get one. Look around our site and if our films are something that you like the look of get in touch – it is important that you like the look and style of your videographer’s work, as chances are if you go with them your wedding will look like the films that they promote.

We still wouldn’t make do without our wedding photos, but don’t fall into the trap of underestimating what a stunning wedding film can provide; it could be something that you cherish for the rest of your lives together!