Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer

Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer can be a really daunting prospect. Indeed, the same can be said for choosing the best wedding photographer, or florist; cake maker or caterer. The choices you are presented with are vast and often it’s quite difficult to see the wood for the trees.

The basis of this article is to help guide you choose the best wedding suppliers, particularly wedding videographers.

Research, research, research.

You have to do your research. This can be a big job that can take several hours. Set aside one evening, sit down with your partner, crack open a bottle of wine and start Googling. Wedding films on the homepage of videographers can be superficial, or out of the ordinary. Many videographers (ourselves included) put a small eye catching film on their front page to get the attention of their brides. You will need to dig a little deeper. You need to watch at least five or six of their highlights films to get a good feel of the style of the particular wedding videographer.

Things to look for

A videographer’s work will not stray enormously from type. If you find yourselves having to ask a videographer to change the way they do something in their films, or the type of music they choose, or the way the layer their sound design; chances are you haven’t found the right videographer yet. Don’t panic, there are many, many more fish in the sea.

When you have found the right videographer you will know. Their style of videography will jump out at you. You will love the length of it, the flow, the colours, the music, the sound layering. You will love it all. If you are really interested and have the time, ask to see one of their full films. This will give you an insight to see whether they are just great at highlights films or whether they are also good at making the feature films.

Check with the videographer what type of feature film they offer – if any at all! Many videographer’s will offer a highlights film package and you will have to pay more if you want the speeches and ceremony in full. You may have to pay even more if you want a full version of your wedding film. To see what we offer, just check out our wedding pricing page. It’s all there!

Extended films can come in a few different forms. Some videographers offer a 20 minute extended highlights package (which is something we offer) and some will offer the documentary edit. The documentary edit usually stays in chronological order, has full ceremony and speeches in it and can be up to 2 hours long, depending on the length of your ceremony and speeches. This is something we used to offer but we found that our clients didn’t want to sit through a two hours of film when they wanted to watch their films.

We now offer the extended highlights films, with full ceremony and full speeches as separate films delivered free of charge. This way they can watch the best bits in 5 minutes, they can watch the best bits in 25 minutes, or they can watch through the whole things with the ceremony and speeches at the leisure.


The last thing to look for is pricing. This really can be the sticking point. The ultimate question is what is it worth to you. That is the only question worth asking. Some couples believe that photography is more important and will pay more for the photography. This is something we believe to be outdated. Don’t get me wrong, the photography is very important, but how often would you sit down and go through your wedding album? If you were to set aside time to do this, wouldn’t it be better to watch those images move and talk? Hear the speeches and readings from the day? See the moments when you have your first kiss and first dance together?

In the same way, some couples are happy to spend thousands on a cake and then don’t want to splash out on a videographer. Maybe the spend thousands on suits or flowers. At the end of the day, there are only a few things that will last forever once your wedding day is done. The memories, the rings, the photographs and the films. Everything else is perishable.

We truly believe the cost of a wedding videographer is an investment in seeing those memories relived for the rest of your lives.

Now go out there and find the best wedding videographer for you!