Keep Calm, and Wedding on

So the day is finally here, the ‘greatest day of your life’- no pressure!

Of course there’s pressure for everything to go smoothly, you’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and have invested a lot of thought, time and expense into planning your big day.

Try not to think too much about the weather, there really is nothing you can do to change it. A friend of ours filmed a wedding in Italy in the height of summer- was it sunny?- No, there were rain and thunderstorms. However, these thunderstorms made AMAZING photographs and looked incredible on film! Whatever the weather will be, you are still marrying the love of your life and you will still have a great time. Sometimes rain causes rainbows which also make great photography and videography moments. Try and look at the silver lining if you can.

If your venue doesn’t accommodate for all weather types, try and have a plan B up your sleeve just in case!

Your nerves will really kick in right before the ceremony, it’s a big moment of your life! Try to keep in mind everyone you love will be in the room watching you, and they are all routing for you.

Guests will be waiting for you to make a grand entrance and to see what you are wearing, smile, put your shoulders back and try to walk with confidence and take every moment in.

It’s important as well to try and walk slowly down the aisle. There’s nothing worse than seeing a nervous bride galloping down the aisle as fast as possible. Try and walk slowly so your guests can see how you beautiful you look and SMILE!! If you are the groom reading this, turn around and look at your beautiful bride, your guests will want to see your reaction, not to mention your new wife-to-be.

It’s easy to panic on your wedding day if things don’t go as you had  planned. I don’t think i’ve ever met a single couple who believed their wedding ran, like clockwork. Remember it is a live event and sometimes things crop up unexpectedly. Try to stay calm and ask for help from one of the bridal party. That is what they are there for!

Another way to help you stay calm is to be organised. Try and write down a list of timings and print them out for your bridal party so everyone has a full running order of the day. It’s also useful to add contact numbers of suppliers on the sheet so if you are needing to contact someone all the information is there for them!

As you have probably heard a million times ‘the day flies by’ it really does. Stressing about the DJ not arriving on time or the cake being put in the wrong room is just eating into your big day. Try and take a deep breath and ask a bridesmaid or groomsmen to deal with the problem so you can talk to guests and enjoy your day.