Top 10 tips for a better wedding video

1. Switch off the lights

Natural light is so much better than that orangey colour you get from having a lamp on. Speak to your makeup artist or hairdresser prior to your wedding day and ask to be positioned in front of a window. This will allow the natural light to  flood onto you and therefore making it easier for your videographer and photographer to get beautiful silhouette shots and shots of your face without an orange hue.

2. Positioning

Position yourself in the center of the room. You are the bride- the star of the day, we want to be able to see you! There’s nothing worse than a bride hidden away when you need to get some nice shots of her bridal prep. Keep the room you’re getting ready in tidy and position yourself in the center of it.

3. Confetti

The best confetti for video is large petal confetti. A lot of brides use small dried flowers, these aren’t as visible in the photos and video. Large petals fall a lot slower and gracefully making your photos and video look amazing!

4.Confetti cannons

These are GREAT! Especially when they are used during the first dance. They are cheap to buy and easy to use. Give a few to your bridal party to pop at the key moment and dance away under the sparkling confetti. It really adds the wow-factor your video- and photos!

5. Sunset shots

Try and get outside during the ‘golden hour’ with your photographer and videographer. This is when the sun is just setting and the light is very soft and flattering. Unfortunately this is a very short moment in time and can fall when the speeches are being made. If you can, try and find out what time the sun usually sets on your wedding date and fit the speeches in before or after this time. The photos and video are definitely worth it!

6. Be natural!

During the couple shoot with your photographer and videographer we ask you to get cosy together for some romantic couple shots.

Try to forget the cameras are there and talk to each other and more importantly look at each other. The best video we get of couple shoots are when the couple are naturally enjoying the moment together and forget we are there! It’s very easy to become quite wooden or embarrassed or try to rush through the shoot. The way the couple acts together during this time really translates on film and we need you to try and laugh together and be as natural together as possible.

7. Walk slowly

When the bride makes her big entrance into the ceremony room or church, we need her to walk slowly. This is a key moment on your video and you will want to watch it back and see your big moment. A lot of brides march down the aisle as quick as they can or they are looking down at the floor. Try and walk slowly so we can capture this moment as best as we can and SMILE!

8. Try and book wedding videographers and photographers who have worked together before

As videographers and photographers are usually fighting for the same space and the same shots they need to work amicably together to ensure you get a great video AND great photos.

It’s not always the case but if the photographer and videographer do not work well together or have not discussed how they will capture the day they can sometimes compete for the same space rather than help one another. This can take its toll on your photos/video. For example, a photographer following you with his camera down the confetti line. The videographer would only have a shot of the photographer’s back. If they had discussed how they would capture the shot before it happens, they would work in harmony and give you the best photos and videos of your day!

9. Tell your videographer should something unexpected be taking place

We can’t be everywhere at once. It is important to let your videographer know if you want something spontaneous to be captured. Your videographer could easily be filming outdoor shots of your venue, or intricate shots of your reception room whilst Auntie Gladys gets up to sing an operatic song during the reception drinks. Try and discuss every small detail with your videographer before your big day to ensure everything you want capturing will be filmed.

10. Enjoy yourself!

We are filming you like ninjas from all angles all day. We might get an amazing shot of you both, but it’s unusable should you be frowning or not enjoying yourself. Smile and enjoy! We love to film happy couples, they are much easier to edit! 🙂