Wedding Videography in 2019

Filming a wedding in 2009 was a very different animal from filming weddings in 2019. Wedding videography is an ever evolving art. The advances in technology of the past five years, let alone the last decade, is truly is astounding. Wedding videos used to be corny or cheesy. Wedding films are now truly works of art. Ask someone who got married in the 80s what a wedding videographer looked like and they might picture something like this:

Now wedding videographers look a little more like this:

Wedding videographers can be much more inconspicuous than they used to be and as such can capture natural moments that we would otherwise impinge on.

There is no doubt, people change when they think they are being filmed. Something instinctively changes in people, either for the better or for the worse, but something changes. With the new technology we can capture moments without people even knowing we are there.

The advances in technology also offer us different ways of filming weddings. They offer us different perspectives. Camera makers are offering gimbals, which allow super smooth panning shots and movement shots. They offer lightweight drones, which offer unparallelled aerial views of your wedding day and the spectacular venue you have chosen for your wedding day. If you are choosing a wedding videographer that offers drone packages, make sure they are fully licensed by the CAA and insured. For more information on about drones see our blog post on drones here.

Cameras now offer 4k resolution as standard and some offer frame rates that allow buttery smooth slow motion shots. They offer 10 bit colour depth to allow fantastic range of colour and some cameras are spectacularly adept at filming in low light.

Packages offered by wedding videographers are also different from what was on offer a decade ago. Some videographers will offer the documentary edit of your day. This is an edit where nearly all the footage is placed into one film, chronologically and can be in excess of 90 minutes. It usually consists of morning footage, followed by the full ceremony, drink reception, full speeches and shots of the dancing.

Some videographer, like ourselves, offer a slightly different approach. We offer a 20-25 minute extended highlights film. These are non-chronological films with best bits from speeches and the ceremony, morning preparation drinks and dancing. We would then put the full ceremony and speeches in separate films so you can enjoy these films at your own leisure and not have to sit through the ceremony and speeches every time you watch your wedding film.

Many videographer also offer 5 minute highlight films and even eye-catching 60 second instagram films. These are all things you have to consider about choosing your wedding videographer for 2019.

No doubt about it cameras, the associated technology and filming deliverables has progressed so rapidly in the last decade. You, as a couple, now have no excuse for choosing a wedding videographer with outdated work. For more information about what we offer our clients, contact us and we’d love to help you out.