Why should you choose a wedding videographer?

Hi I’m Tom, Wedding videographer and one half of Mills Films. The reason why I think you should get a wedding videographer, dates back to our own experience when I got married. When Sarah and I got married, we had it photographed and we had it filmed. We have a book of photographs and its an inch thick, and we never look at it. We had it filmed and we look at our wedding film all the time. We constantly look at five minute film, and we have a 30 minute film and we watch that too. Filmed by the brilliant Ben and Kate of Kissing gate films.

We fell in love with it. It was something I wanted to do I was passionate about it. I loved it. So I gave up my job as a teacher, and became a full time wedding videographer.

Wedding videography allows you to capture the little things that you might not be able to get from photographs. It allows you to look at the feelings, the emotions, little phrases that were said. It allows you to capture the look on your face before the bride walks down the aisle, the look of the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle. It gives you so much more than photographs are able to offer.

What we do? We get with you two hours before the ceremony. We try and capture the little details that you have spent so long trying to get right. The dress, the rings, the shoes, the champagne; and we’ll capture all that before we head to the ceremony to get ready for your wedding.

We then capture your ceremony with at least three cameras, possibly four. On top of that we’ll use at least four microphones, possibly five. So we’ve got nine different audio sources. Have a look at the wedding videographer you like the look of, everyone you like will have good quality audio. The audio is so important to get right, and we make sure that we get it right on your wedding day.

After that we’re out with you for the drinks. We’re following you around, we’re very discreet. Some videographers like to take the two of you away and spend a lot of time with just the two of you. If you want to spend a lot of time away from your guests getting individual shots that’s fine; however it’s not something we like to do. We like to take our couples away, for a short period of time. We like five minutes – ten minutes maximum. Then your back to your guests, you want to be with your friends and family on your wedding day, that’s why they’re there! We just sit back and observe it.

We capture the speeches, with at least four mics, possibly five microphones. To make sure your audio is bang on when it comes to your wedding speeches.

And then you’re partying the night away. We’ll be in with you, we’ll be dancing, we’ll be filming, and make sure it looks exactly the way it was. Then we’ll spend eight to twelve weeks producing your films to be an exact replica of your wedding day to make sure that you can remember the day the way that you wanted it.

Picking your wedding videographer, it doesn’t have to be us, but please have a look around our website. If you like what you see then please just drop us an email or give us a call. The worst we can do is not film your wedding! But if you don’t get in touch it never will happen, so just drop me an email and we’ll sort something out!

One thing I will say, is whether it’s us or someone else, please get a wedding videographer, it’ll be the best decision you make because you can go back and look at your wedding video and how that day was for the rest of your life!

Hopefully you’ll pick us!