Sasha & Rob


About the Couple

Venue – Wisely Gardens

Photographer – Katie Ingram Photography

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
The most important thing for us is that we don’t miss a thing! We really wanted to capture the wedding on film so that all of the bits we would have missed can be watched back. We decided to have a video so that the conversations and laughter we would have otherwise missed can be watched over and over again.
We really would like everything about the filming to be as natural as possible. We would like to capture the moments like when my nan takes her sip of whisky 🙂 and of course all the funny bits that we will miss when we’re having photos.

Why did you pick us for videography?
The style that you shoot in is exactly what we want from our day, non-intrusive.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?
We are both IT professionals, Rob works for Google and as crazy as it sounds I will be starting a job at Microsoft the Monday before the wedding! We love technology, hence we wanted to capture as much of the day as we can. As previously mentioned I have a complete passion and devotion to horses (my transport to the wedding will be a horsebox, of which Bu, my horse will also be in.) Any shots we can get of him and us will be amazing and such a great memory.
Rob is a keen golfer (so we both tend to abandon each other of a weekend) but then re-join at the end of the day to walk our Golden Retriever, Florence.
Important in life, family and friends more than anything, challenging ourselves and being happy. I hope that will come across in the wedding video.

We love watching films and eating out. Our fav hobbie is attending Secret Cinema. Before we met each other 4 years ago we were both just plodding along with life and didn’t really know what future we would have. Since meeting we have supported each other through difficult times which has made us stronger as a couple. We are the back bone for each other. We are so excited for the future and can’t wait to start a family and create adventures.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
Rob did very well on this front. We were up in Derbyshire (that’s where Rob is from) for what I thought was his mum’s birthday celebrations. He arranged for us to go for a walk at Chatsworth (one of our favourite places.) We happened to come across a bench (which was unplanned on Rob’s part) during the walk, overlooking the house and he decided that would be the spot. Conveniently we had trees behind us which his family (who had followed us the whole time and I hadn’t known a thing about it) hid behind and captured the whole moment. Minus a collie dog trying to steal the moment, as I got side tracked to through him a stick ha ha! It was faultless. The ring was perfect, size, design and everything, I had no input in that at all. We then all went for a meal where we were surprised with a cake and balloons that Robs sister (one of y bridesmaids) had arranged.

So, Wisley Gardens in  Surrey? … Why this place above anywhere else?
Being outdoors, surrounded by flowers and nature is where we are most happy.
We also have a few grandparents missing who would have been blown away by the venue as they were keen gardeners. When we went to look at the venue a Robin had somehow got into the glasshouse and decided to come and sit by our feet, we thought, that’s it, it’s meant to be. (so any shots of robins on the day would be amazing!) We also love the idea that the fee we pay to Wisley is all donated back into the charity and that our guests (weather permitting) will be able to enjoy the gardens for themselves too.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
One that is relaxed, friendly and fun! We want to share our day with the people we are blessed to have in our life and give them and ourselves a day to mark as the beginning of the rest of our lives.

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