Emma & Ben


About the Couple

Venue – Curradine Barns

Photographer – Gemma Williams Photography

Emma Louise Barnett & Benjamin Luke Alexander Wykes

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
– The Bride getting ready
– The Groom helping prepare the venue (and looking nervous!) 🙂
– Father of the Bride seeing the Bride for the first time
– Walking down the aisle, focus on grooms face when seeing the bride for the first time
– Readings – one of them focuses on holding hands, so we’d like to properly capture that
– Ceremony & First Kiss
– First dance
– Detail orientated close ups of stuff like the bride’s dress and shoes during getting ready, rings, sparklers

Why did you pick us to do your wedding videography?
– We like the style of videos you provide
– Nothing is too cheesy or have clawing music playing. we like that you have some videos with sound clips of the speeches and will show parts of videos
– Very detail orientated
– Classy

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc
– Emma is an intensive care nurse in a trauma hospital in London (King’s College Hospital)
– Ben is a software engineer at a music publishing company in London
– Because of shifts, we don’t get to see as much of each other as we’d like, and even less time to go out and dress up. Our wedding is a real chance to dress up, spend a whole day just on us. and have a really good party. The parts of the wedding that mean the most to us are the readings, and then everybody just having a good time with the dancing. We want to see that the event we have spent a lot of time putting together is a real success and celebration of how happy we are together.
– Family is real important to both of us. We get along with each others’ parents really well, but there are too few occasions where we all get to together in one large group. Emma also has a really small family, so the chance for us to join our families isn’t just a nice chance for people to get along, but for her and her family to feel part of a bigger family who (hopefully!) all get along.

The proposal? …Tell me everything (all the gushy details)
We had already talked about getting married plenty of times, and had been out to buy the ring together (you have to make sure she gets what she really wants!). She knew Ben had it, but had no idea where it was hidden in the flat, or when the promised proposal might be.
While Emma was out spending a day at the races with her mates, getting drunk, little did she know Ben was at home being busy. Candles were laid out all around our London flat, everything was tidied away, and some sweet treats were hidden in the kitchen.
When she came home, she thought something was up, but with a light head (from her cheeky few drinks), she thought nothing of it. As she promptly crashed on the sofa (as she is prone to do – #nurseLife) she thought she was in for another casual evening of watching the TV while Ben was playing games on his computer
However, then he came over, and without making a palaver out of getting her off the sofa, popped the question then and there. She already knew there would be a proposal, so a simple “Will you marry me?” was all that was needed. However, she thought that would be it done.
Wrong – out came the strawberries and chocolate sauce for dipping, as well as the prosecco. We then spent the rest of the evening talking happily on the sofa and kept it to ourselves for the rest of the day, holding off telling our families and friends until the next day.
Of course, then Emma promptly whipped out her oversized pack of wedding shrapnel that she had accrued over the years in preparation for this – which Ben surprised, but pleasantly pleased, to see. “And then they lived happily ever after’.

Curradine Barns? … Why this place above anywhere else?
Emma has always loved the idea of getting married in converted barn. She has a great love of animals (even though it was a granary barn, the feeling is still the same) and loves that style of building. When we went to go and see the venue in person, we weren’t sure what to think – from looking at the pictures online, it wasn’t clear how everything would fit together, and what the size of everything would be (would it be too big, too small?). As soon as we actually go there, we feel in love with it. Everything was just, the layout was perfect, it felt a lot more intimate (as we wanted) than the pictures made it seem. Plus the added benefit that whether the weather is good or bad, there is room for everyone to enjoy the day in comfort, and knowing our luck the weather will take a turn for the worst.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?
We want them to have a good time, be relaxed, and especially be well fed. A big part of the wedding for us is joining our families together, especially to bring Emma’s very small family into Ben’s slightly larger one. We want to capture that experience of everyone celebrating our love, meeting new friends, and having a good time. Emma is very proud of her Scottish heritage and although she isn’t getting married in Scotland it is nice to bring some elements of a Scottish wedding to ours and introduce family and friends to some of the traditions. We are having a quaich to drink out of and this is symbolic of uniting the two families together.

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