What are the best wedding first dance songs?

As international wedding videographers, we travel throughout the UK and abroad to film our weddings. We have seen all sorts of couples, in all sorts of venues. One thing is for sure, there is no right answer to this question.

However, fret not, we are going to compile a list of things that we have seen during first dances that may give you inspiration, give you ideas about what to do, and maybe what not to do!


First things first

Who are you? What type of couple are you? Do you want to lock in and get ready for the 3 minute lock and sway? Do you want to have a funky jive or a romantic slow dance? Your first dance should represent you as a couple. You need to bring out your personality in your whole wedding, and the first dance is one of the moments where all eyes will be on you!

Let’s talk stats. Spotify recently compiled a list of first dance songs, based on analysis of a vast array of wedding playlists, and has come out with these songs as the most popular first dance songs. The complete list has 50 songs on it, but here are the top 10 wedding first dance songs. Some things in the list will not surprise you, others just might!

  1. Thinking out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  2. At Last – Etta James
  3. You are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne
  4. All of Me – John Legend
  5. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  6. Make you Feel My Love – Adele
  7. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  8. Everything – Michael Buble
  9. Better Together – Jack Johnson
  10. Amazed – Lonestar

Credit to Spotify

Sarah & I

When Sarah and I got married back in 2014, we chose to have “Can’t take my eyes off you – Frankie Valli” Which in my humble opinion is still the best wedding song ever! We were not looking forward to first dance, specifically me! But as the song kicks in about 1 minute in it is a natural moment for all the guests to pile onto the dance floor and help us out!

Below is a compilation of some of our favourite first dances and the reason why I like them.

Stoke Place Wedding Film

The first dance is a La La Land inspired dance performed a Stoke Place in Buckinghamshire. As you can see from the video, the Bride and Groom are enjoying every single second of the dance. They loved performing and had clearly spent a lot of time practicing the dance. If a choreographed dance is what you’re after, this type of thing could be for you.

Lulworth Castle Wedding Film

Another choreographed dance, this time at Lulworth castle. The Bride and Groom performed this romantic number for their guests. Clearly a lot of time and effort put into it, you can see that they couple are very clearly in love and expressing it through dance!

Santorini Wedding Film

Matt & Morola performed their intimate dance on the mountain top of Santorini. What an incredible venue to do it. Nothing rehearsed here, the couple danced as if no-one were watching and had the pyrotechnics to back them up. A truly stunning first dance.

Syon Park Wedding Film

This first dance was particularly touching as the Bride’s sister performed the song for the couple to dance to. The backdrop of the fabulous Syon Park in London provided a beautiful venue for the dance, and the creative lighting throughout the room made the moment even more dramatic and special.

Park Hill House Wedding Film

Marquee weddings in the garden provide such a personalised feel, and John and Cat personalised their wedding to the max! Their first dance song was “Barcelona”, which was the city where they met and had their first dates. The song was performed by a live band and as the couple danced you can see the love and passion that they felt for one another; it was like no-one else was in the room. Amazing first dance.

Chilston Park Wedding Film

Stunning venue of Chilston Park in Kent, this was an absolute nightmare to film – especially since we were not given the heads up! The couple started with a traditional slow dance, before breaking out into a truly hectic energetic number. Flying around the dance floor, we had no idea what was going to happen next. A word of warning, if you are panning this, let your photography team know! A truly fun and happy first dance, exactly matching the personality of the two!

Wethele Manor Wedding Film

The first dance is a truly unique experience at Wethele Manor. This couple clearly had a song that meant a lot to them. They slow danced and sang to each other while the guests looked on. Another example of not having to go with what’s in vogue, Georgia and Neil danced to “Angel Eyes” by “Wet Wet Wet”.

Peckforton Castle Wedding Film

This first dance was made stunning by the fore-planning and thought gone into it. The lighting and smoke effect made this first dance truly dramatic! The couple slow danced and loving spread around the room. Peckforton Castle is a stunning venue to set something like this up. A great way to give your first dance a dramatic effect.

What happens after the first dance?

What is also very important is to think about what happens immediately after your first dance. The first dance is the last time all of your guests will be together in one place. If you want to keep them on the dance floor straight after the first dance the first one or two songs after your first dance are imperative! If Dancing Queen by Abba comes on straight away there is a chance that your dance floor will empty and it is very hard to get them back onto the dance floor until everyone is well oiled later on in the evening.

Your first dance

In the end, the decision of what to dance to is up to you. Hopefully this guide will have helped a small amount. My advice would be to choose something that is personal to you and shows your personality. Your wedding should all be about you. Choose your song and smash it!

Good luck!