Wedding FAQs

Some of my thoughts and advice about the wedding videographer industry.

Top 10 tips for a better wedding film

Top 10 tips for a better wedding video 1. Switch off the lights Natural light is so much better than that orangey colour you get from having a lamp on. Speak to your makeup artist or hairdresser prior to your wedding day and ask to be positioned in front of a window. This will allow the natural light

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Keeping Calm on you Wedding Day

Keep Calm, and Wedding on So the day is finally here, the ‘greatest day of your life’- no pressure! Of course there’s pressure for everything to go smoothly, you’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and have invested a lot of thought, time and expense into planning your big day. Try not to

Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer

Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer can be a really daunting prospect. Indeed, the same can be said for choosing the best wedding photographer, or florist; cake maker or caterer. The choices you are presented with are vast and often it’s quite difficult to see the wood for the trees. The basis

Wedding Videography in 2019

Wedding Videography in 2019 Filming a wedding in 2009 was a very different animal from filming weddings in 2019. Wedding videography is an ever evolving art. The advances in technology of the past five years, let alone the last decade, is truly is astounding. Wedding videos used to be corny or cheesy. Wedding films are now

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Wedding Videography | What is a wedding videographer

What is Wedding Videography? Wedding Videography is the process of producing a video production that documents a client’s wedding and dates back to the 1980’s, coinciding with launch of the first consumer camcorder.  Since then Wedding Videography has developed into a specialism, with wedding videographers capturing and editing motion pictures to produce that breath talking wedding video

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Wedding speech advice | Groom

Groom wedding speech advice from a wedding videographer The groom’s wedding speech is one of the pivotal moments of a wedding day. I’m not going to write a template for your groom speech, but I am willing to offer some friendly advice about writing your groom speech. My advice is a culmination of filming a lot of speeches, and