Getting the right videographer wedding advice is important so you are able to watch memories from your special day time and time again.

18 01, 2019

Top 10 tips for a better wedding film

Top 10 tips for a better wedding video 1. Switch off the lights Natural light is so much better than that orangey colour you get from having a lamp on. Speak to your makeup artist or hairdresser prior to your wedding day and ask to be positioned in front of a window. This will allow the natural light to  flood onto you and therefore making it easier for your videographer and photographer to get beautiful silhouette shots and shots of your face without an orange hue. 2. Positioning Position yourself in the center of the room. You are

15 01, 2019
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Keeping Calm on you Wedding Day

Keep Calm, and Wedding on So the day is finally here, the ‘greatest day of your life’- no pressure! Of course there’s pressure for everything to go smoothly, you’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time and have invested a lot of thought, time and expense into planning your big day. Try not to think too much about the weather, there really is nothing you can do to change it. A friend of ours filmed a wedding in Italy in the height of summer- was it sunny?- No, there were rain and thunderstorms. However,

3 01, 2019

Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer

Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer Choosing the Best Wedding Videographer can be a really daunting prospect. Indeed, the same can be said for choosing the best wedding photographer, or florist; cake maker or caterer. The choices you are presented with are vast and often it’s quite difficult to see the wood for the trees. The basis of this article is to help guide you choose the best wedding suppliers, particularly wedding videographers. Research, research, research. You have to do your research. This can be a big job that can take several hours. Set aside

29 12, 2018

Wedding Videography in 2019

Wedding Videography in 2019 Filming a wedding in 2009 was a very different animal from filming weddings in 2019. Wedding videography is an ever evolving art. The advances in technology of the past five years, let alone the last decade, is truly is astounding. Wedding videos used to be corny or cheesy. Wedding films are now truly works of art. Ask someone who got married in the 80s what a wedding videographer looked like and they might picture something like this: Now wedding videographers look a little more like this: Wedding videographers can be

18 05, 2018
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Wedding Videography | What is a wedding videographer

What is Wedding Videography? Wedding Videography is the process of producing a video production that documents a client’s wedding and dates back to the 1980’s, coinciding with launch of the first consumer camcorder.  Since then Wedding Videography has developed into a specialism, with wedding videographers capturing and editing motion pictures to produce that breath talking wedding video or film. Development has also seen the way in which the wedding video is broadcast back to the client, from the analogy days of VHS video tape, digital DVD recordings to the modern use of USB’s or online galleries.

19 03, 2018

Posting straight to Instagram from a computer

Posting straight to Instagram from a computer The Basics Download & open Google Chrome Go to view, developer, developer tools. Once open, click on the small icon on the right hand side that says "Toggle device toolbar" so that it shows you a mobile view. Search for instagram and login Use as you would on a mobile* The world is your oyster! * The only thing I can't seem to get to work is to upload videos straight from computer. For now this hack only works for pictures.

30 01, 2018

DJI Mavic Air Review

My review of the new DJI Mavic Air The brand new DJI Mavic Air reviewed by a professional wedding and events videographer. This is my take on the new Mavic Air and how it measures up to it's predecessor the DJI Mavic Pro. Skip to points: Body - Start Controller - 4 minutes 44 seconds Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro footage test - 10 minutes 43 seconds Rear Sensor test - 13 minutes 56 seconds Summary - 14 minutes 24 seconds

4 12, 2017
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Wedding speech advice | Groom

Groom wedding speech advice from a wedding videographer The groom’s wedding speech is one of the pivotal moments of a wedding day. I’m not going to write a template for your groom speech, but I am willing to offer some friendly advice about writing your groom speech. My advice is a culmination of filming a lot of speeches, and writing and performing the groom speech at my own wedding!The groom speech is a relatively straight forward process. The nuts and bolts of it are about remembering those who can’t be there with you and publicly thanking everyone that has

9 10, 2017
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Wedding first dance songs | What are the best?

What are the best wedding first dance songs? As international wedding videographers, we travel throughout the UK and abroad to film our weddings. We have seen all sorts of couples, in all sorts of venues. One thing is for sure, there is no right answer to this question. However, fret not, we are going to compile a list of things that we have seen during first dances that may give you inspiration, give you ideas about what to do, and maybe what not to do!   First things first Who are you? What type of couple

5 09, 2017
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Wedding Aerial Videography | Should you get it at your wedding?

Aerial videography for your Wedding Aerial videography at weddings has become a pretty big deal.  Lots of different companies are starting to offer aerial videography. There is no doubt that some of the images you can achieve with drones at weddings are outstanding. Often the venues of stunning and the wedding venue of your dreams, the weather is (usually) good, and there are lots of beautiful people ready to have their picture taken. There are aerial videographers, and they are good aerial videographers. Take your time looking through your videographer’s work to see how creative they are with

18 08, 2017
  • 10 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographer Questions | 10 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Filmmakers

10 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Videographer 1. What is your video style and storytelling approach? First thing you should ask is what is your videographers style and what is their cinematic process. Some videographers prefer a documentary style, where they shoot and edit everything chronologically. So you'll have bride prep, groom prep, ceremony, drinks, speeches, cake cut and first dance, all in a row. Some videographers have a style which is slightly more cinematically where they will cut bits from different parts of the day and edit them

13 08, 2017
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Wedding videographer advice | 6 pieces of advice from wedding videographers

6 pieces of advice from a wedding videographer Have the ceremony as late as possible - or organise a lot of things to do! Try to have the ceremony as late as you possibly can. By having the ceremony later you are drastically reducing the amount of downtime that your guests will have during your wedding. If your wedding starts at midday, and typically lasts for one hour you are usually completed by 1 p.m. With the short amount of time it takes to get to your reception, and your wedding breakfast

11 08, 2017
  • 10 things to consider when choosing a videographer

Wedding videographer | 10 Things to consider when choosing a wedding filmmaker

10 Things to consider when choosing a wedding videographer 1. Start looking early All the good wedding videographers are going to be booked up 6 months, 12 months or even 2 years in advance. So as soon as you have your venue and you know the date, contact your videographer early because they will get snapped up! 2. Quality vs Price There are wedding videographers out there that will do your wedding for £300. There are wedding videographers that will do your wedding for £1,000